Last changed: 25 June 2019

Our cardiology team works in close cooperation with SLU's Department of Clinical Sciences, conducting highly specialised diagnostics and treatment of heart diseases in dogs, cats and horses.

Cardiology at the University animal hospital in Uppsala, Sweden.


We have three specialised vets on call at our cardiology clinic 1-2 days a week. They are also available at other times for emergencies, either to treat patients who are admitted to the hospital or critically ill with heart disease.

We care about our patients and future generations of dogs and cats. As many heart diseases in these species are hereditary, we work continuously to share the findings of our research, our experience and knowledge with various interest groups, including those related to genetics and breeding.

Our veterniary surgeons

Jens Häggström, professor, SLU.

Jens Häggström


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Ingrid Ljungvall

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM

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Katja Höglund, VMD på SLU.

Katja Höglund

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM

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Our services
We carry out all kinds of screening and diagnostic tests related to heart disease in various breeds of dogs and cats. Our goal is to be able to offer the best available solutions and medical support for our patients through accurate diagnoses and predictive analyses. A heart problem does not necessarily have to be life-threatening – sometimes it can be left untreated without affecting the patient's quality of life. At other times it can require treatment that will help improve health and quality of life.

Our equipment includes the following:
• State-of-the art echocardiographic system, including 3D, Tissue Doppler, Speckle tracking modalities
• 24h (Holter) equipment
• Standard ECG systems
• Phonocardiography (PCG)
• Access to contrast computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (through the diagnostic imaging unit)
• Invasive procedures on request (pacemaker implants etc.)

Current projects
Our specialists are clinical researchers and also staff at the faculty, where they lead research and clinical studies related to heart diseases and treatment of the same. This also gives patients and customers the possibility to take part in different projects and trials related to diagnostics and completely new treatments.