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Project Tillsammans, September 2020 status update

Published: 18 September 2020

At the most recent management group meeting on 9 September, participants noted that several sub-projects have now been concluded. At the same meeting, the group defined the focus and direction for upcoming work this autumn and for remaining tasks.

Concluded tasks

  • The joint clinical management group is up and running.
  • The number of patients needed for teaching and for ensuring accreditation of courses and programmes has been defined.
  • Consensus on financial reporting and concepts between the Division of Planning, UDS, VH and KV.
  • Issues related to facilities at UDS clarified, i.e. agreement on spaces, collaboration, conditions, etc.
  • All units within the field food-producing animals have agreed on a shared objective for their operations.

Autumn 2020 focus

  • Continue work on clarifying how direct government funding is calculated and what costs at UDS that are driven by education. The diagnostic imaging and horse clinics have, together with heads of subject, started work on this; the other clinics will get started during autumn.
  • Review processes and the potential for improved efficiency for the entire patient flow for small animals and horses. Later this autumn, this will also be done for necropsy operations.
  • Ensuring desired effects at UDS, i.e. making sure that measures have a clear, positive impact on finances.
  • Food-producing animals, collaboration with SLU, business and industry, business organisations, public authorities and farmers to agree on the demands on future vets and consequently on our courses and programmes. A digital workshop is planned for November.


The following groups within the field of "joint needs" have new status updates.

  • Processes – small animals
    The small animals steering group has two new members. Two managers from small animals and diagnostic imaging respectively have joined the group to ensure that the quality of project deliverables is such that they can be implemented in operations.
  • Processes – horses
    The steering group is up and running, and a working group will have its first meeting in September.

Food-producing animals
As of now, the working group will be focusing on the future structure and organisation of the field. The external workshop planned for 5 November will provide important input to the process of clarifying the needs that should govern this work. An invitation will be sent out shortly.

Skills provision and career paths
A working group is preparing an objective for how to attract employees to clinical operations and keep them. This means that the original task, career paths, now covers a wider area.


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