Weight loss programme

Last changed: 01 March 2017

The University Animal Hospital offers a weight loss programme for dogs and cats that need to lose weight.


There are many reasons why a cat or dog becomes overweight, and obesity in companion animals is an increasing problem. Because it can be difficult to get an animal to lose weight without advice and support, the Small Animal Clinic at UDS has developed a weight loss programme where owners get the support of a veterinary nurse who will help you draw up a weight loss plan for your animal.

We know that it takes patience and commitment from the animal owner, and we can help you along the way with advice and support. We estimate that the ideal weight loss for dogs is 2-3% per week and 1-2% per week for cats. With our knowledge and experience we can help and support you in your effort to get your animal to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight.

Make an appointment at our reception for your first visit, which takes about 20 minutes. During the visit we will cover the following:

• Effects of obesity on animal health.
• Home environment, activity and feeding.
• Change plan, e.g. exercise/activity, behaviour, feeding.
• Feeding recommendations, oral and written.

A follow-up is done by phone after 2 weeks (earlier if needed), and after approximately 1 month you make a return visit. There is no time limit, the follow-up is always adapted to the circumstances in each case and done as required and agreed.

The cost is SEK 277 per visit.

Make your appointment at our reception deks, phone 018-67 26 80 weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00.



For non-emergency appointments, call +46-18-672680 between 8.00 and 16.30 Monday-Friday. For emergency cases we are open 07-22 every day.