Medical boarding

Last changed: 13 July 2015

For patients who need continued monitoring or further investigation, we can offer medical boarding at our ward unit which is staffed around the clock. Here, the animal will be monitored by vets and nurses and can get its treatments at all times of the day.

Cat in intensive care at The University Animal Hospital, Sweden.

The ward is divided in a surgical and a medical unit. On weekdays, one vet is responsible for the patients in the medical unit and another vet is responsible for the patients in the surgery unit. During daytime on weekends, one vet is responsible for both units.

Being a patient on the ward
On the ward, each patient has its own cage with a water bowl and a blanket to sleep on. Cats also have a litter box and usually a small house to huddle up in. Cats and dogs are in separate spaces. The dogs are walked at least four times a day, more often if necessary.

When your animal is boarding at the UDS, a vet will call you after making the round. Sometimes the round takes more time than usual if there are many critically ill patients. If that is the case, the vet will nog be able to call you immediately, and we ask your understanding for this. We prioritise helping our patients. It is also important that you have given a phone number where we can reach you during the day. The vet will  contact the owners of all boarding patients daily.