Last changed: 15 March 2023

When you arrive at the Small Animal Clinic at the University Animal Hospital, please notify our reception staff that you have arrived.

 The reception desk at the University Animal Hospital, Sweden.

The reception staff will register your arrival and give out any prescriptions after the visit. You will also pay for your visit here. If your animal needs another check-up or treatment, we will help you to book an appointment.

The reception staff also answers phone calls to the University Animal Hospital. Our phone service for booking appointments is open on weekdays between 7:30 and 18:00. The reception desk is open on weekdays between 7:15 and 18:30, but the on-call staff is available around the clock, all year round.

Owners of hospitalised patients leaving their ward will get written instructions for further care at home at the reception, as well as any prescriptions. This is done before the patient is retrieved from the ward. All payments must be made before the animal is picked up from the ward. For an extra fee, we can settle the bill with your insurance company (only on weekdays, daytime).


Phone: 018-67 26 80

Fax: 018-67 29 55

(Please note that we cannot answer any questions about your animal's status or about enrolled patients).

Our reception staff also handle referrals to the hospital and responses to these.