Before you visit the Small Animal Clinic

Last changed: 09 July 2015


Veterinär med hund, Universitetsdjursjukhuset

There are a few things that we need to know when you call us about your sick animal.

  • You need to tell us the breed, age and sex of your animal.
  • Is your animal on medication?
  • Does it have a temperature?
  • How is your animal's general health, is he/she lethargic or anxious?
  • Is your animal eating and drinking normally?
  • What are the stools like?
  • How is the breathing and the breath?
  • Are teeth and gums normal?
  • Which kind of food does your animal eat?
  • How/against what is your animal vaccinated (please have the vaccination certificate available)?
  • It is also helpful if you have any insurance number and medical record number available.


 Katt på IVA, Universitetsdjursjukhuset