About us

Last changed: 03 April 2019
UDS and VHC from above. Aerial view.

The University Animal Hospital in Uppsala is Sweden's only university animal hospital and one of the largest and most modern animal hospitals in Europe. Here you will also find Swedens, in veterinary medicine, largest diagnostic imaging department and clinical chemistry laboratory. At the University Animal Hospital research, experience, expertise and commitment are combined to help us give your pet the best possible care. We are open around the clock all year round!

The University Animal Hospital is part of VHC, Center for Veterinary medicine and animal science; which in addition to the UDS also holds teaching facilities and research labs. The fact that we are a University animal hospital means that we can combine the established knowledge with the latest from research. Therefore we have a very high skill level of our staff, with specialist expertise in a number of areas. We also have the latest medical technology, which allows us to carry out veterinary care in the world. Many of the patients are referred here from other clinics around the country.

Under the same roof and within the same organization you find health care for both dogs, cats, other small animals and horses. The University Animal Hospitals also offer an ambulatory clinic that provides service for  horses and farm animals.