Staff at the Horse Clinic

Last changed: 03 March 2017

Here at the UDS Horse Clinic we have a number of different kinds of specialists with a high level of expertise. There are veterinary surgeons, animal nurses, keepers, farriers and receptionists who all help in getting the hospital to function optimally.

Malin Santesson, chef polikliniken UDS hästklinik.

Most vets you meet are employed at the clinic, but we also have researchers and teachers who work at the clinic but are employed by the Department of Clinical Sciences at SLU. In addition to clinical work, they conduct research in veterinary medicine and teach future vets They work mainly in the areas of the clinic attended by vet students.

We also have more than 30 staff who are qualified animal nurses, animal caretakers and receptionists.




For non-emergency appointments, please call +46-18-67 29 50 between 8.00 and 16.00 Monday-Friday.

For emergency cases we are open 24 hours all year around.